Hudanalyse hos Mens Room

Skin analysis

Description of the procedure for our skin analysis
When you book an appointment for a skin analysis by Men's Room, you will be put under a magnifying glass, and we will ask you about your current way of looking after your skin (or not). We compare this with the appearance of your skin in relation to impurities, pore size, surface condition, aging in relation to actual age. We ask about allergies and whether you take medication, how you shave and how you live. Then we advise you on what is good and not so good to do, and where you can improve your efforts. From time to time we wash and lubricate your skin to see its reaction, and we give you written material to take home. Should you choose to buy our products home, we will refund the price of the analysis. We will often also suggest that you get a facial once you have started taking care of your skin yourself, because it will give you a greater benefit from what you do yourself. Finally, you have to ask, because that's how you get answers. If you later think that there was something you forgot, we will be happy to advise you per mail: or phone: 70877444. When you shop in Men's Room, you always have the opportunity to get advice and sparring about your skin and your home routine. Also between treatments. Do you want to try a skin analysis? You can give a skin analysis to someone you know by giving them a gift card.
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